How to effectively perform windows cleaning process

Effectively perform the windows cleaning process

Windows cleaning is an integral part of the general cleaning at home and in commercial buildings since windows get filthy and untidy quickly. Windows should be cleaned regularly because the stains on the windows tend to strengthen over the course of time. Windows are usually exposed to changes in weather conditions especially those windows, which open towards the exterior of the building and they tend to get messy. Hurricanes, rains, snow and other natural phenomena may affect them. Similarly, the birds may sit on top of the building or open windows and affect their outlook. It is, therefore, necessary to properly clean the windows regularly so that they present a pleasant look.

There are health benefits associated with windows cleaning process as well since air enters the building through windows and if they are clean then the entering air will also be disinfected. The windows cleaning process is simple and anyone can perform it with a basic understanding. Mostly natural and domestically available items and products will be required during the cleaning process.

Supplies required for the cleaning process

There are few supplies required for the cleaning process, which are stated below:

  1. Cleaning Agent: A cleaning agent may be required in order to clean dirt and stains from the windows. Natural cleaners such as vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice etc. should be used for the purpose. Other commercially available cleaning agents can also be used.
  2. Hot Water: This will be the main medium for the cleaning process. Water will help apply the cleaning agent as well.
  3. Soft Cloth: In order to rub the surface of the window for removing the stains. The soft cloth should be used in order to remove the stains since a hard substance may leave marks.

Steps involved in the Windows Cleaning process

Following steps are involved in the windows cleaning process:

  1. First, clean the windows with the help of a clean cloth. This will help remove the dust from the windows. You can also use a duster for the purpose. Remove any furniture if blocking the area.
  2. Second, pour hot water on the windows and rub the windows with the help of a soft cloth. This will help clean the windows but some hard stains will remain.
  3. Thirdly, apply the cleaning agent on the windows. The cleaning agent will break the bond of the stains and will help remove them. Gently rub the windows with the help of a soft cloth. This will deeply clean the windows.
  4. In the end, properly dry the windows.