How to effectively perform Air Vents Cleaning Process

Cleaning team doing air vents cleaning in a home

Air Vents Cleaning is an important part of the HVAC System cleaning since air vents are the openings in and outside the building allowing the flow of air. There are two types of air vents known as supply air vents and return air vents. The supply air vents are used to supply fresh air to different parts of a building depending upon its opening. The return air vents are used to take the unclean air outside or provide air to the HVAC system for heating and cooling purposes.

The work efficiency of these two vents determines the working of the HVAC System. If any part of the supply vent or the return vent is blocked, like from upholstery, the process of flow of air in or out of the building will be affected and possibly damaged. This will result in the malfunction of the HVAC system. Similarly, if the air vents are unclean or infected by contaminants, this will affect the quality of the air in the living environment. It has been found out that dust or debris can pile up inside the vents, mold or stains can start to grow and microbial may find a suitable environment in these places. It is, therefore, extremely necessary to regularly perform the air vents cleaning process just like a regular upholstery cleaning.

Supplies Needed for Air Vents Cleaning

Air vents cleaning is the job of professionals since unprofessional workers may end up doing more harm than good. There is usually a lot of dust, debris, contaminants, and mold piled up in air vents and if proper care is not taken in handling them then they may spread in the building. There are certain tools and techniques that may help in performing the air vents cleaning process. Some of the recommended supplies are as follows:

  1. Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner: This will help in removing piled up dust and debris from the air vents. A heavy-duty vacuum cleaner is required so that the contaminants can be properly handled.
  2. Cleaning Agent: Some cleaning agent will help clean mold and stop it from growing again.
  3. Broom
  4. Screw Driver
  5. Cleaning Brush

Air Vents Cleaning Procedure

When air vents are to be cleaned both supply and reverse vents should be given the proper attention. The cleanliness of both the vents collectively affects the working efficiency of the system. The cleaning process of the air vents is as follows:

  1. In the first step, remove the vent cover and clean it with a towel or clean piece of cloth.
  2. Now, you will be able to see the dust piled up inside the air vents.
  3. Use the heavy-duty vacuum cleaner to remove the dust particles from the vents. Perform the vacuuming process on both sides of the vents.
  4. If some debris is stuck to, the vents then use the broom to dislodge them. Now vacuum clean once again.
  5. Now, if the presence of mold has been detected inside the vents then some mold control chemical can be used for this purpose.
  6. The process of cleaning should be performed on both sides of the vent so that the high working efficiency of the system can be achieved.